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Castel Winery

Castel Winery PLC produces standard brand wines and premium wines, targeting local and foreign markets

The vineyards are located in the Ziway region, situated 1,600m above sea level. The climate is semi-arid to sub-humid, with clay and sandy silt soil. It has an average annual precipitation of 650-700mm and average temperature of 25ºC all year round


The main problems are:

The presence of nematodes in the soil damaging plants which have just been planted and delaying the first yields by several years

Irrigation water is pumped from the river, then filtered and dispensed through a piping network

Irrigation is done using drip system

In order to to find a solution to the problem, Castel Winery decided to evaluate Aqua-4D® in order to improve production.


A study was carried out by comparing the output obtained on two plots, one irrigated with water not treated with Aqua-4D® (NT) and the other irrigated with water treated with Aqua-4D® (TT)

The TT and NT plots are planted with Chardonnay. They have respectively a surface of 4.98ha (NT) and 6.78ha (TT)

Increased production: +22%

Before Aqua-4D®
After Aqua-4D®  +22%

Water savings: –30% to 35%

Before Aqua-4D®
After Aqua-4D®  – 30 to 35%