Geoproduction – Les delices du Sud

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Geoproduction – Les delices du Sud

Geoproduction is a farm of 20 Canarian greenhouses of 1ha each (total 20ha), 2 reservoirs (5000m3 to 2000m3) and a fertigation station

It was created in 2006 and is located in El Hamma, Gabes governorate in southern Tunisia. Its main activity is the production of high quality tomatoes in greenhouses heated by geothermal water


In 2007 the producer had to deal with two major problems: the salinity of the irrigation water and the presence of nematodes.

The water used for irrigation is a geothermal source of water having a conductivity EC of 4.4 mS/cm (3.2 g/l)

Presence of nematodes found in the early crops in 2007

These conditions are extremely difficult for irrigation and good crop development. Reverse osmosis to desalinate water was not a viable option for the project. They had to find an alternative solution.


To solve these two major problems, they installed:

In 2008 a first Aqua-4D® 1440 system, 80m3/hr on a first plot of 10ha

In 2009 a second Aqua-4D® 1440 system, 80m3/hr when putting into operation of a second plot of 10 ha


The yields are similar to those that would have occurred if the crops were irrigated with fresh water

The fruits are of good quality (firm, red and with good flavour)

The size meets the requirements of the export markets

There are very few apical necrosis cases despite the heat and salinity. The Aqua-4D® enables a good absorption of calcium present in high levels in irrigation water

There is no accumulation of salts in the soil's rhizosphere

Reduction in fertilizer usage: –25%

Before Aqua-4D®
After Aqua-4D®  –25%

Future Projects

Building in Tunisia, between 40ha and 80ha of Canarian greenhouses to grow vegetables. Each 10ha of greenhouses will be equipped with Aqua-4D® F 40 system (80m3/hr).