Prencipe Tommaso

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Prencipe Tommaso

Installation of Aqua-4D® system at the largest industrial tomato producer in southern Italy


The farmer has had major problems of Apical Necrosis in the last few years, especially when using cheaper well water which has a high conductivity (3,5) and is available near the plots being cultivated.

The alternative is river water brought from more than 1,5km away, with which he has no Apical Necrosis problem. This costs the farmer much more and increases the risks of fuel being stolen at the pumping station, a recurrent problem in the area.


In order to solve the water quality problem, we installed an Aqua-4D® 1440 E Pro for a water flow of 80m3/hr. The test was performed on a plot of 3ha.

A comparison was done with an adjacent plot being irrigated with river water EC 0,5


The farmer observed a near total eradication of the Apical Necrosis

The use of drinkable water is lowered by 5% whilst keeping similar yields

The acquisition of the Aqua-4D® was fully justified

Increased production

Before 10T/ha
After 12T/ha