A modular design

The Aqua-4D® system is a set composed of the following modules:

The Command F Pro: is the “brain” of the system. It generates treatment signals and controls continuously the good operation of the system

Treatment units (TU): diffuse the signals generated by the Command F Pro in the water. A treatment unit TU 360G-A can treat a water flow up to 21,6m3/hr (95.1 US gpm, 79.2 gpm). The treatment units are installed in parallel, to correspond to the total water flow to be treated

The Aqua-4D® technology works with any type of water, whatever its chemical composition and the level of its hardness. The effect is obtained whatever the pipe type, whatever materials used (i.e, steel, copper or synthetic material). Efficiency is observed in the conduits a few kilometers downstream from the Aqua-4D® system.

The Aqua-4D® system

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What else?


Thanks to an expansion card system, the Command F Pro has a fully modular design: up to four output cards for treatment units and two communication cards can be installed. The Aqua-4D® system can be configured according to your needs.


A treatment unit TU 360G-A can treat a flow up to 21,6 m3/hour (95,1 US gpm, 5700 gpm, 6 l/s). Up to four TU 360 G-A can be connected to a single Command F Pro and several Command F Pros can be synchronized between them, bringing the treatment capacity to infinity.


The choice of components as well as adherence to the protection index IP65 of the Command F Pro and treatment units make the Aqua-4D® a tried, robust product.


The extension card “alarm report” allows the transmission of alarms to a central management unit. You no longer have to worry about the status of your system.


The extension card “synchronization” allows the synchronization of the signals of several Command F Pros, extending the number of connectable treatment units to infinity.


The display and command buttons of the Command F Pro allow for a clear visualization of the system's status as well as management of potential alarms.


Operating mode, language choice and alarm management can be configured on the Command F Pro.

Photos of installations

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